#40Second cancer walk challenge(scwc)

We were invited to participate in first-ever World Cancer Walk on January 10, 2021 with the aim to include participating countries to take part in one hour walk and the combination of these hours around the world will also observed 24 hours at the same time zones across the world.

Due to the lockdown, we could not participate in the one-hour challenge and we came up with #40scwc. “40” symbolized our tribute and offering of prayers for His Majesty’s long and healthy life. The initial plan was to start the walk from the memorial chorten to complete at Semtokha Dzong. The #40scwc is to convey a message on the cancer awareness and it does not mean walking 40 seconds could prevent or cure cancer. The challenge of World Cancer Walk will last till 4th February, the day observed as World Cancer Day (WCD).

An individual can use the hashtag #40SCWC #WORLDCANCERWALK #BUTANCANCERSOCIETY and make a 40-second video of you walking around the comfort of your homes and share information about cancer.